Marsee Selected as the 2017 Artist in Residence at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has selected Todd Marsee, of Ann Arbor, MI, for the 2017 Artist in Residence. As the Senior Graphic Designer for Michigan Sea Grant, Todd has always been inspired by nature. “Pictured Rocks is one of my favorite parks, and has had a strong influence on the compositions of my paintings. I feel so fortunate to have been chosen for this amazing opportunity.”

Todd’s watercolor paintings usually feature natural imagery overlaid on abstract, textured backgrounds. “My paintings are interpretations of the fragile beauty and resilience of nature,” Todd says. “Textures, patterns, and designs of nature inspire me to paint. I’m eager to see how my time in the Upper Peninsula will be visible in my art.”

The national lakeshore provides a three-week park residence, just a stone’s throw from the shore of Lake Superior. Todd will be immersing himself in the beauty of the Upper Peninsula’s colors and textures, and pour his experiences into his paintings. He is also planning on participating in some group hikes, kayaking, and viewing the brilliantly colored cliffs, sea caves, and beaches from a boat cruise.

As the Artist in Residence, Todd will host an outdoor painting demonstration at the Miners Castle Information Station on Saturday, September 30. Miners Castle is a photogenic rock formation and one of the park’s most popular destinations. He will also donate a painting to the park’s collection.